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A necessary tool in any world-class recording, our acoustically neutral, mastering-grade control room allows us to properly evaluate recordings. Edit, mix, and master with complete confidence, knowing that what the producer and artist hears is completely real and translatable to any system.

For stunning results across the board, we evaluate and implement every aspect of the recording process from this single reference environment.

Larger studios cannot afford to dedicate their most accurate sounding room to the entirety of a clients project, they are too busy rotating jobs between assistants, interns, and less costly 'B', 'C' and 'Edit' grade rooms considered adequate to get the particular job done.

By committing our best room to the entirety of your project, sound is improved, money saved. Fewer links in the chain means the elimination of translation errors inherent to multi-studio, multi-engineer, multi-control room productions.




Acoustically tuned and damped room provides a linear frequency response +/- 6db from 35-20Khz.

One hundred sixty square feet of custom designed acoustical diffusion offering broad-band diffusion from 45Hz-20Khz.

Proprietary monitors, based upon the patented Ohm Walsh CLS driver, in conjunction with our audiophile-quality signal path, provides an accuracy of sound reproduction superior to studios utilizing multi-driver, box & sophet mounted speakers. The system benchmarks at 15-22,000Hz +/- 2 dB.

State-of-the-art, console-free, digital tracking and mixing provide maximum creative flexibility and superior monitoring acoustics due in part to the lack of bulky, sound distorting reflective surfaces between monitors and listener.