Christopher stark, composer


Bridge Records 9526

Engineering Credits

Seasonal Music
Engineered, edited & mixed by Jeremy Tressler at Dreamflower Acoustic

CD Mastered by Jeremy Tressler

Highlights / Reviews

“The recording (Bronxville, New York) is astonishing in its presence and clarity. This complex piece was recorded in one day, too, which given the sophistication of the writing and the excellence of the result is astonishing. Despite the dissonant language, the accuracy of tuning of all four players is unfailingly consistent, so one hears the full force of Stark’s sound structures…”

“This is unforgettable music, brilliantly performed and recorded. Recommended,perhaps even required, listening.At only 38 years old, Stark has a confident, unique voice;one has to assume there will be plenty more music to come and I, for one, hope to hear much more from his pen.”

Fanfare_MarApr2020  -Colin Clarke


Seasonal Music is the first CD of compositions by the remarkable thirty-eight year old American composer, Christopher Stark. Annotator Sean Shepherd writes of the “tremendous spaciousness, and a melancholy resonating throughout” the three recent works that make up this program. Speaking of the largest of these pieces, the virtuosic string quartet “Seasonal Music”, Shepherd calls it “at times pictorial and descriptive–alternatively a vast exploration in sound and the possibilities of the quartet for its own sake.” Stark is served brilliantly on this recording by three leading ensembles- the Momenta Quartet, the Los Angeles Piano Quartet and the Calyx Piano Trio with Scott Andrews, clarinet.