Sequoia digital audio production suite

Benchmark Media 24bit 96khz A-D converters

Mytek Digital 8X192 Series AD/DAconverter

Jeff Rowland Synergy balanced monitor preamp

Bryston Limited 4B ST

—Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.5 Loudspeakers

—Gallo Nucleus Reference 3.1 loudspeakers

Ohm Walsh MK 2.5 custom monitors

Furman IT-1220 balanced power isolation transformer

Grace 801 8 channel microphone preamp

—Grace M108 8 channel microphone pre-amp & D-A

Soundfield SPS-422 four capsule ambisonic microphone system

Microtech Geffel & Schoeps small, medium and large condenser microphones

Otari 1/4″ 2tk MX 5050 (customized head and preamps)

—Otari 1/2″ 2tk & 4tk MTR-12ii (customized head and preamps)