STOCKHAUSEN Zeitmasze | SCHOENBERG Wind Quintet, Op. 26


Phoenix Ensemble


Albany 1371

Engineering Credits

Engineered, edited & mixed by Jeremy Tressler at Dreamflower Acoustic

Highlights / Reviews

The Phoenix Ensemble is a mixed instrument chamber music group based in New York City.  The group aims to inspire a new and diverse audience for classical music through live performances, recordings, and innovative residencies that reach out to young people and adults in schools and underserved communities.

The ensembles present over 40 concerts a year, primarily in New York City, reaching an audience of thousands. This includes residence at a wide range of venues, including NYC’s Greenwich House, the Aaron Copland School of Music, and the 92nd Street Y.

“The Phoenix Ensemble is a cracker-jack band of New York-based wind, brass, string, and percussion players. They play with passion, commitment, and superb technique. I already cherish [Wind Music of Stockhausen and Schoenberg, 2012] as a splendid display of but one face of the wonderful world of 20th-century music.” – Fanfare Magazine