Classical Recording

World-class audio recording & production for classical musicians in concert halls, churches & live acoustic settings. Our 4500 sq/ft in-house venue provides an acoustically stimulating atmosphere for the performance of a life time.

Dreamflower recordings have that big, open, full spectrum sound that is only possible within an authentic performance hall, and which can be heard on all of the world’s greatest recordings.

  • 4000 sq/ft in-house venue for a stunning natural acoustic.
  • State-of-the-art, fully mobile live to multi-track recording for HD audio up to 192khz.
  • Selection of the world's best microphones, converters and amplifiers.
  • Integrated HD Video Production.
  • Location Recording for Concerts, Recitals, Worship & Commercial applications.
  • Flexible, modular approach that offers the best possible sound for any budget configuration.

Did you know that moving the microphone one inch in any direction can dramatically change the tonal characteristics and quality of your recorded sound?

The greatest classical recordings all share the same key components:

Quality of Performer, Instrument, Repertoire, Venue & Engineer

When I refer to ‘great’, I am referring not only to the performance, but the presentation of which the performance is inherently enmeshed. After-all, sound is the medium of music and so it should come as no surprise, that the quality of a sound recording, will impact the listener’s perception of the performance and music.

Instrumental Impact on Performance.

As musicians, we seek the best sounding instrument we can afford because music is made of sound (organized-sound), and because the higher quality instrument will provide us with a greater depth of tone and a higher level of control and nuance in our articulation and dynamics.

Aural Context & Why the recording venue matters:

Consider the sound and experience of playing one’s instrument in a bedroom or studio setting vs. a favorite concert hall or church. The sound that we hear while performing affects not only our expressive sensibility, this sound is also what is captured by the microphone, and it shapes the quality of our performance as heard by the audience at the other end of the recording. Typically, the impact of the acoustic venue is as much or greater than that of the actual recording equipment and techniques used for the capture.

A great recording saves the artist money & time with excessive post-production and the life-long dissatisfaction associated in an inferior product.